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From the snow capped mountains of western Canada, to the Rain Forests of Central America, Infoe has been covering ground for over a decade now. Driven by his obsession with the craft, the love of the music and his undying determination to crush every stage he sets foot upon.

With over ten years of live shows, events and charities under his belt, Infoe has performed at many popular nightclubs and a few world renown Festivals such as  Shambhala (Canada), Bamboo (Costa Rica) He has also collaborated, featured, and opened up for many notable international rappers, DJs, and producers.

Influenced by east coast boom bap hip hop, beefy bass of the west coast, and the intensity of Drum and Bass of Europe. Infoe infuses these elements into his own special blend of herbs and spices. From Rapid fire bars, to conscience and melodic, Infoe shares his passionate view of the world through Lyric and Beat. 

Constantly on the grind, Infoe has successfully recorded dozens of artists, several of his own projects (Recently 411), launched a merchandise line and operated a Commercial Studio.

For music, videos, and more please visit or any major streaming service. 

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